WTH Foods Co-Founder and CSO Carlo Ng fireside chat at the Thought For Food 2021 Summit

LIVE fireside chats 🗣 Business as Unusual: Startups Shaking Up the Status Quo with these amazing speakers: Ashlie Benson from Agricycle Global, Carlo Ng from Worth The Health – WTH Foods, Sujala Balaji from Rainfed Foods. Moderated by Marie Brueser, Entrepreneurship Leader of Thought For Food at the #tff2021summit this October 2nd, 2021!

Hear about the #startups that are shaking up how we do #business, what can startups and smaller companies do to have a strong business case, focus on impacting the #foodsystems, and position themselves so others can follow in their footsteps!

While others are talking, we’re busy solving.

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