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We’re giving away free samples!

Taste Umani
We are excited to partner with anyone who share the same mission of making the world a better place, starting with what we put on our plate. We’re inviting you to try our products for FREE! ❤️
💡 Expand your market and attract business opportunities with our unique product selections.
💲Enjoy competitive pricing vs the ever increasing prices of pork and beef.
😋 Swap out the usual boring ingredients to create unique signature dishes with our 100% plant-based meats.
🌏Create delicious food that aren’t just healthy but also save the planet one plate at a time.
✅ Food trays and packed meals for events (corporate seminars, office meetings, birthday parties, etc)
✅ Hospital, healthcare, fitness, health and wellness establishments
✅ Grocer, health shops, specialty stores
✅ Restaurants, bars, foodservice, catering
✏️ Register to inquire and get free samples of our products. To schedule a call or meeting, let us know in the comments section below on when you’re free. 😉

One (1) set of free Umani samples is allotted per company. Delivery fees will be applied.

For locations outside Metro Manila, you may coordinate with us your desired pick up arrangements.

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