Alt Proteins and Everything in Between with Future Plate Podcast

Stephen Michael Co  talks about alt proteins and food security with hosts Jennibeth Paglinawan & Benjamin Gonzales.


Have you listened to our two-part episode on alt proteins and everything in between?

We are hoping that you did and that our thought-provoking conversations with Stephen Co, somehow triggered your minds to reflect on how we eat today, and look at some aspects we can change in order to be kind to the farmers, be kind to the animals, and be kind to the environment, consequently feeding the world today, and tomorrow, as our population continues to grow.
With that, Stephen is inviting us to join a mission of making a plant-based future a reality so that, together, we may slowly attain food security and food integrity!
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In life, we always want to make the best choices, but when the best is not readily available, next thing that comes to mind is to look for ALTERNATIVES, and when we talk about alternatives, food is not an exemption so as we answer the question “How do we feed billions of people today and in the future?” we are also tasked to explore various alternatives in terms of our food production and food choices that will help us build a resilient and sustainable future.

In relation to that, this two-part episode brings you an insightful conversation with Stephen Co, regarding alternative sources of protein, which are often plant-based and are seen to be a good substitute for meat that can make one’s diet healthier and our planet more sustainable.

The first part talks about the background of our guest and his food entrepreneurship ventures particularly focused on alt protein and plant-based meats, eventually starting up his company – Worth The Health (WTH), and Umani Foods. He shares with us the usual plant sources and ingredients of their products, the market of these products in the Philippines and the most important things that consumers must know about alt proteins as well as common misconceptions that hinder acceptability of these types of foods.


Alternative proteins are proposed as healthier meat substitutes that can help us feed billions of people in the next five or ten years. But the question is, are people willing to incorporate these types of foods into their diets for the sake of food security and sustainability?
How about you, are you Alt-GAINST or PROtein?

Have you ever wondered what the true cost of food is?
The true cost of food is not simply the price we pay for it. Sometimes the environment and the animals also pay for it. So given that, should we ask whether why plant-based meats and products are expensive or should we ask why is meat so cheap when in fact its true cost is not really reflected in its price?

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